Pomona Elementary

Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2018

In Attendance: Melinda Uselman, Mrs. Larsen, Cynthia Brekhus, Jessica Roethel, Brenda Burton, Mrs. Fischer, Amanda Stacy, Cyndi Albers

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

January minutes approved.

Treasury report approved. Received another City Market check, which was applied to the Technology Fund. Final Muffins for Moms total was $267.

Past Events:

Fire and Ice Assembly by Math and Science Center: It was exciting but many (most) of the students could not see. A lot of stuff took place on a table or even on the floor so kids in back could not see anything, and got antsy and distracted. Kids were not prepared to be an audience. Took too long to settle down. Talked over presenters. Can't do 2 groups because we would be charged double. Need a platform or stage if we do this again.

Upcoming Events:

Read-a-Thon: Stuffed envelopes as part of meeting. Discussed making a sign-up sheet for teachers to have PTO come present Read-a-Thon to students in their classes. Brenda volunteered to make posters to use during presentation. Ask Mrs. McKinley about having student council make posters to put up around school and also put something on the fence (cups) about reading.
Addendum: There will be an assembly on Friday afternoon (3/2) to present to the whole school at once. More hype and no need to visit classrooms.

Clusters: We have enough classes. Just need volunteers to help in classes.

Staff Appreciation: April 30-May 2. Kara Hotard and Cynthia Brekhus will help with this. (Kara signed up last year and we need to follow up with her to make sure she's still on board.) Discussed possibly having massages available to the staff, maybe through Intellitec College or a local business. Mrs. Larsen requested we provide a meal Wednesday afternoon at 2:00 so more staff could have time to eat. Q'doba and Costa Vida were both brought up as possibilities. Need gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Family Picnic: Thursday, May 10. Need someone to be in charge of this. Amanda Stacy will make a sheet explaining responsibilities for this event, so we can get a volunteer at the next meeting (i.e. buy food, get grillers, coordinate kitchen use, assign side dishes, flyers for students' folders, info for emails/Facebook/website, stickers for students' shirts, coordinate with 5th grade carnival, coordinate with custodian, get volunteers for clean-up crew). Natalie Gehl and Jessica Roethel will have input because they have headed this up several times in years past.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 26.

Thursday, May 10, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Responsibilities of Coordinators:

  • Purchase hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, beans, small bags of chips, drinks, ice, condiments, and paper goods
  • Oversee volunteers to run the grill, serve food, and clean up (shifts)
  • Coordinate kitchen use with Trudy from Pomona and Kim Babbel from the District.
  • Publicity - flyers for Thursday folders, info on school web site and Facebook (Mrs. Gabelson/Mrs. Larsen), and stickers for students' shirts (Mrs. Lewis)
  • Assign classes for side dishes (i.e. K-2 salads, 3-5 desserts), usually on flyer
  • Coordinate with custodians (trash bags & liners, brooms, mops, etc.)
  • Coordinate with 5th grade carnival

Other Volunteers Needed:

  • Run the grill
  • Serve food (shifts)
  • Clean up (Specific shift)
  • Ask for volunteers through Facebook and email.

Grilling should start at 4:00. Families should know the food is free but the 5th grade carnival costs money.

January 22, 2018

In Attendance: Connie Tipton, Mrs. Larsen, Amanda Stacy, Melinda Uselman, Mrs. Cain, Cheryl Masters, Cynthia Brekhus, Natalie Gehl, Cyndi Albers, Jessica Roethel.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

November minutes approved.

Treasury Report approved. Tech balance is $0. Hoping for more City Market money soon.
Grant Request: Fifth grade teachers request $136.35 for a body systems science kit (simulated frog dissection). Approved. (Line item fund to be used TBD.)

Upcoming Events:

Family Night: Math & Science Center can come to Pomona on 2/1 at 6:30 to do a 40-minute presentation on "Fire and Ice." This is next week. Lots of kinks to work out in a short time-concerns about gym use by city sports, turnout, sprinkler system, etc.
Discussed having them come do an assembly for the kids during the day instead and invite parents and siblings if they wish to come. Still sponsored by PTO but not a "Family Night" style. Everyone agreed this is a good option. Melinda will work out details to get this set up.

Read-a-Thon: Kick-off Friday 3/2. Packets due Tuesday 3/20. Challenge to double normal reading goal. If they do, this qualifies them for the VIP party. 3 prizes for top $ earners. Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Cain will decide on stunt if kids reach earning goal.

Amanda Stacy will make parent letters, donation sheets, reading logs, and stunt ballots. She will make copies of everything for packets, present event to teachers, and speak with Miss Theobold about VIP party.
Party and assembly will have to take place after testing (dates TBD). Assemble packets at PTO meeting on 2/20.

Clusters: April 27. Still looking for class ideas, and teachers for those classes. Need about 50. Have about 20 teachers from school to help teach classes. Natalie will send out email to parents asking for help. Mrs. Larsen will also put it on FB.

Next meeting Tuesday 2/20 (due to Presidents Day on Monday 2/19).

November 28, 2018

In Attendance: Lori Wilson, Cynthia Brekhus, Melinda Uselman, Connie Tipton, Mrs. Larsen, Ms. Ellis, Mrs. Greenlee, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy, Cheryl Masters, Megan White, Mrs. Caine, Cindy Sisac.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

October minutes approved.

Treasury Report approved. Chromebook payment has not yet been processed.

Past Events:

Donuts for Dads: Everything went well. Perfect number of donuts and juice (400 donuts, 8 gallons orange juice). We need to purchase 2 more long plastic tables. Mrs. Larsen will price these and submit a grant request.

Upcoming Events:

Family Night Ideas: Glacier Ice will let us skate for $5 per person, including skates, on a Friday evening from 7:00-10:30 or Saturday from 12:00-4:00 but these would probably be public skate times so it would not just be Pomona. Friday night is too late for kids this age and there is concern about attendance on a Saturday afternoon.
Get Air
wants $300 per hour for a private party. Limit of 100 jumpers at a time so we would need to reserve 3 hours and break attendance up by last name. Unanimous vote of NO for this.
Discussed the possibility of something at a movie theater or Bananas or even something at the school.
Family Science Night at Pomona
. Have the Math and Science Center bring demonstrations to us since they will be shut down for moving. Melinda will call Amanda McQuade about this.

Fundraising Ideas: Spell-a-Thon. Mrs. Larsen received complaints that the VIP party and 100% scores were unattainable for some students who really wanted to participate. Discussed how to make it better, or whether we should come up with a new fundraiser.
idea was brought up. Discussed different ideas of how to sell it to donors/sponsors, how to carry it out, whether they would read at school or outside of school, possibly holding an event on Dr. Seuss Day (3/2/18). A committee (Brenda Burton, Cheryl Masters, Lori Wilson, Connie Tipton, Melinda Uselman, Cyndi Albers, Amanda Stacy, Ms. Ellis) will meet on Friday, 12/8/17, to figure out these details. This event would include everyone more easily, no matter their reading level, and make the VIP party more attainable for everyone because goals could be individualized for each student.

Future PTO Meetings: Connie (President) cannot attend Tuesday meetings anymore. She will speak with Mrs. Larsen about changing meeting days.

December 8, 2017

In Attendance: Cheryl Masters, Brenda Burton, Lori Wilson, Connie Tipton, Melinda Uselman, Cyndi Albers, Amanda Stacy, Ms. Ellis.
Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.
After much discussion, the following decisions were agreed upon:
· Kick-off for the event will be Friday, March 2 (Dr. Seuss Day/Read Across America Day). This is when the PTO will go to classrooms to present the event and hand out packets.
· Students will measure the amount of time they spend in a book (reading themselves or being read to) between Friday, March 2, and Sunday, March 18. The goal will be to DOUBLE their usual required minutes of reading over these 2 weeks. For example, if they are usually required to read 80 minutes a week (160 minutes over 2 weeks), they would be challenged to read a total of 320 minutes over the 2-week period, including spring break.
· Teachers will work with students to set individual goals, and determine afterward whether they met their goals.
· Anyone who achieves their goal will be able to attend the VIP party (date to be determined). Date of assembly for prize presentation is also to be determined. Prizes will be: $100 Visa gift card for overall top earner, $50 Bananas gift card for top primary earner, $50 Bananas gift card for top intermediate earner.
· Rather than pledges per minutes read, students will collect up-front, flat-rate donations from sponsors for participation in the event. We will challenge students to raise at least $20 each, which will be enough to meet the usual line items in the PTO budget for the next school year.
· Packets will be assembled during the February PTO meeting (date to be determined), and handed out on Friday, March 2. Packets will include a letter to parents, reading log, donation sheet, and "stunt" ballot for a stunt by Mrs. Larsen/Mrs. Caine. Packets (completed reading log, money, ballot) will be due back on Tuesday, March 20.
· We will need class lists for each class in order to make packets.
· Amanda Stacy will check with Mrs. Larsen about these dates, email teachers to present the event, speak with Miss Theobold about the VIP party, type up new parent letters and donation sheets, and attend a staff meeting closer to the event to discuss it with teachers and answer questions.

October 10, 2017

In Attendance: Cynthia Brekhus, Melinda Uselman, Connie Tipton, Cheryl Masters, Mrs. Greenlee, Nancy Strippel, Lori Wilson, Nate Wilson, Cyndi Albers, Amanda Stacy, Mrs. Larsen.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

Connie Tipton voted in as PTO President. Cyndi Albers voted in as PTO Vice President.

September minutes approved.

Treasury Report approved. Final ice cream total $137.97. Chromebooks have been purchased but total has not yet been subtracted from budget. Used virtually all of Technology money.

Past Events:

Muffins for Moms: Went well. Had perfect amount of muffins. Very few left. Size was great (even bigger than expected). Chocolate was a big hit. Extras were cinnamon chip flavor but they were also last in the line on the table. 400 muffins from Safeway (banana, blueberry, double chocolate chip, cinnamon chip). $267 after 10% discount for bulk purchase. Also had 8 orange juices. Playground trash cans were very full afterward but it is the City's job and not Pomona's job to empty them.

Upcoming Events:

Donuts for Dads: Wednesday, October 18, 8:05 a.m. Homestyle has agreed to give us the BOGO deal. They cannot separate nuts because they're all cooked in the same kitchen. Alpine Bank is donating $40 for orange juice. Lori Wilson will pick the donuts up that morning. Mrs. Gabelson will talk to custodians about trash cans and tables. Most tables will be in library for Book Fair. Connie and Cheryl volunteered to bring tables. No special serving trays needed, just metal trays from kitchen with paper. Need "No Food in Library" sign, as well as someone at door to ensure no food or drink goes into book fair. Better if this is a staff member (more "authority" in eyes of shoppers).

No Science Night this year.

Possibly do a Family Night - Spin City, Glacier, or Get Air? Discounted entrance but not fundraiser. Late January or early February. Available Thursday dates are hard to come by, and some businesses don't offer Thursday nights. Possibly Monday or Tuesday?

Spell-a-Thon - Stuff packets during PTO meeting Tuesday, 3/22; Distribute packets 3/22; Test 4/4; Tests returned to students 4/5; Money due 4/11; Awards assembly possibly 4/20. Dates subject to change pending testing schedule.

Next Meeting November 14. Need volunteers for Grandparents Day!

August 22, 2017

Attendance was taken but not returned to secretary. People present included Cheryl Masters, Natalie Gehl, Amanda Stacy, Brenda Burton, Mrs. Gabelson, Mrs. Cain, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. McAtlin, Mrs. McKinley, Melinda Uselman, Lori Wilson, and Cori Mather, among others.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

Minutes from April 25, 2017 meeting approved.

Treasury report approved.

We want to push the Remind app for parents to stay aware of what is going on and how they can help. Info will be posted on the school FB page and in the newsletter.

City Market-You only need to sign up once and never need to renew.

Art Heritage needs more volunteers, especially for 4th grade.

We have a lot of popcorn left from Back to School night. Save it and use it for other events.

PTO EVENTS FOR 2017-2018

Ice Cream Social/Parent Info Night - Thursday, Sept. 7. Ice cream 5-7 p.m., info in rooms 5:30-6 (K-2) and 6-6:30 (3-5). Brenda Burton is in charge of this. 2 or 3 people will help pre-scoop. Brenda will buy 2 chocolate, 2 cookies and cream, 2 strawberry, and 1 vanilla (3-gallon buckets), also bowls and spoons and rainbow sprinkles. J Brenda will make a flier to go out in Thursday folders and Rosanna will make stickers to put on kids that day. We should also post this on FB. Brenda will also make a poster showing times for classroom presentations.

Muffins for Moms - Wednesday, Sept. 27. 8:00-8:45 a.m. Natalie Gehl is in charge of this. Need regular (cupcake-size) muffins rather than tiny ones. Natalie will call around for sizes and prices. Need 8 orange juices and more 9-ounce cups. Need people to help set up and serve.

Donuts for Dads - Wednesday, Oct. 18. 8:00-8:45 a.m. Same week as the Book Fair. Will need a chairperson to be in charge of this. Also need people to help set up, serve, and monitor library.

November - No PTO activity.

December - No PTO activity. Discussed "Santa Shop" but too many concerns were expressed so we will not do it. There will be a family caroling night but this is not a PTO activity. (Popcorn could be used at that.)

Science Night - Usually in January but Math and Science Center will be closed for relocating. Possibly move this to April when they are open in their new location. Brenda Burton volunteered to be in charge of this. Amanda McQuade is a contact for the M&S Center.

Spell-a-Thon - February-March. Discussed timing, since it directly conflicts with Jump Rope for Heart. Cannot move it to earlier in the year because kids won't know words and there are too many fundraisers going on from other schools. Discussed moving it to April and whether that would conflict with testing too much. Mrs. McAtlin will ask the staff how they feel about it. Otherwise, everything went very well last year and we discussed things that made it so successful so we can copy it again this year. (Advertising, stunt from Mrs. Larsen, VIP party, $20 per person goal.)

Addendum: Mrs. McAtlin sent out an email to staff and the general consensus was to move it to April.

Clusters - April 27. Natalie Gehl, Brenda Burton.

Staff Appreciation Week - April 30-May 2. Need chairperson and plenty of time to plan.

Family Picnic - May 10. Need chairperson and notes on last year's numbers.

PTO Minutes
January 24, 2017

In attendance: Connie Tipton, Melinda Uselman, Jessica Roethel, Mrs. Fischer, Mrs. McAtlin, Brenda Burton, Jenn Harris, Cheryl Masters, Kim Johansen, Amanda Stacy, Amanda Pittman, Mrs. Gabelson
Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.
November 2016 minutes approved.
Treasury report approved.
Science Night: 1/19. Very small turnout (90 people total). Flyer was in Thursday Folders the week before but students did not receive stickers the day of, and no announcements or reminders were given. We should try again next year but be sure to advertise enough.
Upcoming Events
Spell-a-Thon: Most of the meeting was spent assembling packets for the Spell-a-Thon. Packets will be distributed to teachers when Amanda S. presents the Spell-a-Thon at the staff meeting on Wednesday 2/8. Packets will go home with students on Wednesday 2/15. Test on 3/1. PTO members take tests home for grading that night and return them the next day to go home with students for donation collection on 3/2. All donations due 3/9. VIP party on Wednesday 3/15. Awards assembly and Mrs. Larsen stunt on Friday 3/17.

  • Prizes: $100 Visa gift card for overall highest earner. $50 Visa gift card for highest earner in primary and intermediate (1 each). All 100% scores receive a school store coupon, their name on the wall, and attend the VIP party (music, games, popcorn in gym). Will have a VIP party in a.m. for K-2 and a party in p.m. for 3-5. All students will receive a free Frosty coupon for participating.
  • Stunts: 3 options will be being taped to the wall (not high up), a pie in the face, and wearing a chicken costume all day. Possibly send ballots go home with graded tests to encourage students to collect and return donations. Goal of $6,500 must be reached.
  • Promotion: Amanda P., Brenda B., and Amanda S. will go to classes on 2/15 to present Spell-a-Thon to students. They will dress like the 3 stunt options. Brenda will make posters to show students. Those posters (and others?) will be hung in main hallway and around school to keep students aware and excited about the event. Mrs. Fischer is sending out an email to staff so they are aware of the Spell-a-Thon. Mrs. Gabelson will put all spelling lists on the school web site.

Clusters: 4/28. Mrs. Osborne and Amanda McQuade are in charge this year but they want someone to shadow them this year and take over next year.
Staff Appreciation: 5/1-3. Kara Hotard had volunteered to be in charge. Amanda P. will follow up with her.
Next Meeting 2/28. Assign out Family Picnic responsibilities at that time.

PTO Leadership Spell-a-Thon Meeting
January 3, 2017

In attendance: Amanda Pittman, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy
Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy

  • Tuesday 1/24 (PTO meeting): Assemble packets
  • Wednesday 2/8: Amanda Stacy presents Spell-a-Thon to teachers at staff meeting. Give teachers their class's packets. Teachers sign up for time slots for PTO visits to classes on 2/15.
  • Wednesday 2/15: PTO leaders present Spell-a-Thon to students in classes. Packets go home with students that night.
  • Wednesday 3/1: Spell-a-Thon test. PTO members take tests home for grading that night and return them the next morning.
  • Thursday 3/2: Students take graded tests home for donation collection.
  • Thursday 3/9: All donation money due. (Possibly count money on Friday 3/10, no school.)
  • Wednesday 3/15: VIP assembly for all 100% grades.
  • Friday 3/17: Assembly in morning for presentation of prizes and Mrs. Larsen stunt (if goal is reached).


  • 3 Main Prizes - 1 overall highest earner; 1 highest earner in primary grades; 1 highest earner in intermediate grades. VISA GIFT CARDS ($100 for overall highest, $50 for other 2). Possibly present an oversized check at assembly. (Gift card in pot with gold filling, candy, etc.?)
  • 100% scores - School store coupon, name on wall, "VIP party"
  • All students - Free Frosty coupon

Amanda Stacy to follow up on party. Addendum: Party was verified by both Mrs. Larsen and Miss Theobold. Wednesday 3/15. Morning for primary grades, afternoon for intermediate grades. Music, games, maybe popcorn in gym.
Amanda Pittman to follow up on Mrs. Larsen's stunt choices and to finalize dates. Also verify words lists and student count for each class.
Brenda Burton to organize and gather prizes.
Theme: St. Patrick's Day (pot of gold, rainbow, shamrocks, etc.). Need to make posters, costumes for class presentations, etc. Posters should have important dates, prizes, and stunt options.
Packets include: Donation envelopes, letter, pledge sheet, word list, stunt ballots.

PTO Minutes
November 15, 2016

In attendance: Mrs. Gabelson, Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Larsen, Connie Tipton, Melinda Uselman, Misty Osmundsen, Jenn Harris, Cori Mather, Amanda Pittman, Cynthia Brekhus, Mrs. Greenlee, Natalie Gehl, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

October minutes approved.

Treasury report approved. Have not purchased microwaves yet because we had some donated but we will hold on to the money approved for microwaves in case the donated ones don't last.

Special Visitor: Laurie Westfall, director of Family and Community Partnerships with SD51.

  • What are we doing to involve and engage families, beyond traditional methods of activities, volunteers, newsletters, etc.?
  • Collecting information from all schools. Data helps determine grants. Develop resource bank where schools can learn from each other.
  • Involvement vs. Engagement: Involvement = Information (newsletters, etc.). Engagement = Receiving feedback from families (i.e. display students' work in hallways, including explanation of lesson related to that work).
  • When families are engaged, student success increases and student engagement goes up.
  • National PTA web site discusses 6 standards. Current standard of focus is "Welcome All Families." Handouts were given, explaining goals, etc.
  • Ms. Westfall will return in January.

Donuts for Dads Recap:

  • Perfect amount of donuts and juice. (400 donuts, 8 juices). Spent about $160 on donuts. Juice was donated by Alpine Bank! (Need to send Thank You note.) Homestyle honored 2-for-1 deal but it took some work to talk them into it. Finally spoke with JAN (owner), who approved it. Still did not separate nuts from no-nuts but donuts were packed in long rectangular boxes rather than crammed in large cardboard boxes (much better).
  • Stickers on kids' shirts the day before helped. Book fair went very well. Keep 2 events together next year. Plenty of volunteers helped both events run smoothly.
  • Didn't have enough tables for book fair and donuts. Would have liked to put donut tables on either side of the hallway for crowd flow but didn't have enough tables. May need to purchase 1 or 2 more 8-foot folding plastic tables. May also want to buy Dollar Store platters (food safe) for better presentation.

Upcoming Events:

Science Night: Thursday, January 19, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Mrs. Osborne volunteered to make flyers and stickers. PTO agreed to pay extra for the experiment room (total of $250). Mrs. Osborne will indicate on the flyers that the annual fundraiser (spell-a-thon) pays for this event, in hopes to motivate stronger participation in spell-a-thon.

PTO Meeting Minutes
October 18, 2016

In attendance: Amanda Stacy, Melinda Uselman, Mrs. Gableson, Brenda Burton, Cynthia Brekhus, Amanda Pittman, Mrs. Greenlee, Mrs. Fischer, Jenn Harris, Jasmine Hill, Kim Johansen.
Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.
September minutes approved.
Treasury report approved. Waiting for some receipts in order to update numbers.
Upcoming Events:
Donuts for Dads. Tuesday, October 25, 8:00 a.m. Cynthia Brekhus in charge.

  • Flyers will be in Thursday Folders this week. Stickers will be made and given to kids Monday.
  • Megan (custodian) will have trash cans out for us. School only has 1 extra table after Book Fair is set up. Need 1 more. Jasmine Hill volunteered to bring a 6-foot table.
  • Homestyle may not honor previous 2-for-1 deal. Need to look into other options for where to get donuts, just in case. Want variety of kinds of donuts. Last year's total was about $160. Try to spend that or less this year, but not more due to budget shortages. Need 400 donuts and 8 orange juices.
  • Need 6 volunteers (2 for each table, 2 for library). Jenn Harris, Connie Tipton, Amanda Stacy, Melinda Uselman, and Amanda Pittman volunteered. Be there at 7:45 a.m.

Other Business:
Fundraising Survey Update: Amanda P. contacted Mrs. Larsen with questions. Will know more later.
City Market Rewards: Website update is working for some but not others. All PTO members have been asked to try their own and report whether it was successful.
Next Meeting Tuesday, November 15.

PTO Meeting Minutes
September 27, 2016

Attendance not taken but included Mrs. Larsen, Amanda Pittman, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy, Cynthia Brekhus, Kim Johansen, Lori Wilson, Mrs. Greenlee, Mrs. McAtlin, (and others...)
Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.
August minutes approved.
Treasury Report approved.
Grant Requests:
Math & Science Assembly ($100), 5th grade Scholastic subscription (periodical line item), new computer monitor in Ms. Breen's class ($75, technology line item), 2 new microwaves for cafeteria ($200). All Approved.
Recap of Old Business:
Ice Cream Social:
(Thursday, August 25, 5:00-7:00) Cold and rainy but went well. Had enough ice cream and volunteers. 3 people pre-scooped, which worked well. Used 3-gallon tubs of ice cream: 2 chocolate, 2 cookies & cream, 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla. Get 2 strawberry next year.
Muffins for Moms:
(Wednesday, September 21, 8:25 a.m.) Huge turnout! Possibly because of 8:25 start time rather than 8:00 start time, making everyone have to come in a shorter amount of time. Had enough muffins but they were small. Mrs. Larsen asked about finding cupcake-size muffins next year. Possibly ask My Favorite Muffin since they have new owners, or see if Homestyle will give us the same deal they give us for Donuts for Dads.
Spent $135 on mini muffins. Purchased 11 dozen blueberry, 6 dozen poppy seed, 17 dozen chocolate chip from 12th Street Albertsons. Chocolate chip ran out. Also ran out of orange juice (bought 6, need 8).
For crowd control next year, set up 2 tables and have people come on both sides.
Upcoming Events:
Donuts for Dads:
(Tuesday, October 25, 8:00 a.m.) Cynthia Brekhus in charge. Will order 400 donuts from Homestyle Bakery. (Had planned on reducing number but not after large Muffins turnout). Ask Homestyle to separate Nuts and Nut-Free, and put in large rectangular sheet-cake boxes to prevent smashing donuts together, and make more presentable straight from the box rather than needing trays. Also need 8 orange juices.
Start at 8:00, not 8:25. Put tables on each side of hallway for better crowd control. Separate tables with signs for Nuts and Nut-Free. Get tables and trash cans from custodian. Kim Johansen will make flyers, get to teachers by Wednesday, 10/19, to be sent home in Thursday Folders on 10/20.
Volunteers should be there by 7:45 a.m. to set up, pass out donuts, and monitor library during Book Fair. Volunteers who signed up are Jenn Harris, Connie Tipton, Misty Osmundsen, Kim Johansen, and Amanda Stacy.
(March) Need volunteers to help solicit prizes for top earners. Suggestion made that a prize could be lunch with a firefighter or police officer. If we meet our $ goal, kids will vote on Mrs. Larsen "stunt" (out of 3 options previously chosen by Mrs. Larsen).
Fun to see if we are close but hard to judge goal progress. Pre-tests can help gauge how kids are doing on their spelling words. Could decide how much each student or each class would need to earn in order for entire school to reach goal. Suggestion made to find a way to only have to talk to donors once, rather than getting pledges and then returning for payment.
Fundraising Meeting Recap:
Amanda P., Brenda B., Amanda S., and Mrs. Larsen met to discuss Spell-a-Thon and other fundraising options. For next year, discussed options of selling pies or other merchandise but no pressing deadlines to make that decision until after we know results of Spell-a-Thon. Amanda P. is looking into surveying parents to get their opinion on fundraising.
Next Meeting October 18 (early due to Conferences, Book Fair, and Donuts for Dads on 10/25).

PTO Fundraising Meeting
September 13, 2016
Mesa County Public Library

In Attendance: Mrs. Larsen, Amanda Pittman, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy
Main topic of discussion was Spell-a-Thon.
Tuesday, January 24 - Assemble packets after PTO Meeting.
Wednesday, February 8 - Amanda S. attend staff meeting to present Spell-a-Thon to teachers and hand out packets.
Wednesday, February 15 - Present Spell-a-Thon to classes (dress up and/or posters, prize info). Have teachers sign up for time slots to be visited. Packets go home that day.
Wednesday, March 1 - Spelling Tests (PTO takes tests home that night to grade).
Thursday, March 2 - Send graded tests home for pledge collection, as well as "stunt ballots."
Thursday, March 9 - All pledge money due.
Friday, March 17 - Celebration assembly in morning. Pass out awards to highest earners and Mrs. Larsen's "stunt" (if $ goal is reached).
Need a lot of hype - posters in hallways; dress up or act out "stunts" when presenting to classes, etc.
Kids vote on Mrs. Larsen "stunt" out of 3 options pre-selected by Mrs. Larsen.

  • How to get better participation from 5th grade?
  • How to get kids to study more?
  • How to include Life Skills? Addendum: Amanda S. spoke with Mrs. McKinley, who suggested Life Skills teachers can decide on customized goals for kids, i.e. writing alphabet or specific letters, writing name, customized spelling list, etc.

Better 100% prizes - "VIP party" with music, dancing, games, possibly popcorn in gym on Wednesday, March 15, with help from Mr. Madsen and Ms. Theobold.
For better parent participation, info and lists can be posted on school website as well as school Facebook page, and info in newsletter.
Need PTO volunteer to be in charge of prizes (1 overall highest earner, 1 highest primary earner, 1 highest intermediate earner).
Possible supplemental fundraiser: Chipotle restaurant. Amanda P. will look into this further

PTO Meeting Minutes
August 23, 2016

In Attendance: Amanda Stacy, Kara Hotard, Mrs. Osborne, Cynthia Brekhus, Melinda Uselman, Jennifer Steerman, Lori Wilson, Jenn Harris, Connie Tipton, Mrs. Fischer, Mrs. Greenlee, Jasmine Hill, Misty Osmundsen, Amanda Pittman, Kim Johansen, Brenda Burton, Jessica Roethel, Natalie Gehl, Cori Mather, Mrs. Gabelson, Mrs. Larsen

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

Amanda Pittman gave a basic explanation of what PTO is and what they do (activities, fundraising, etc.).

April 2016 minutes approved.

Treasury: Minutes approved. This year's budget was already set aside so last year's Spell-A-Thon shortage will not affect this year but could affect future budget and grants if we don't do better this year. 1st grade requested Scholastic subscription. To be taken out of Periodicals Fund. 5th grade has a lot left over from last year but Texas Roadhouse may not happen this year. May need new fundraiser. (5th grade budget is not PTO-related).

Upcoming Events:

  • Ice Cream Social/Parent Information Night-Thursday, August 25, 5:00-7:00 p.m.
    • Brenda Burton in charge - ice cream, bowls, spoons, tables, trash cans all ready to go.
    • Ice cream will be pre-scooped.
    • Purchased Meadow Gold ice cream.
    • Sign-up sheet sent around for volunteers to serve in 30-minute shifts.
    • Stickers to go home with kids that day.
  • Muffins for Moms-Wednesday, September 21, 8:25 a.m. (before next PTO meeting)
    • Amanda Pittman in charge
    • Volunteers to help serve that morning: Melinda Uselman, Cori Mather, Brenda Burton
  • Donuts for Dads-Tuesday, October 25, 8:25 a.m.
    • Sign-up sheet sent around for volunteers (coordinator, serving, library monitoring during Book Fair).
    • Coordinator: Cynthia Brekhus; Other volunteers: Jenn Harris, Connie Tipton, Misty Osmundsen, Kim Johansen, Amanda Stacy.
  • Science Night-Thursday, January 19, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
    • Change in cost. Museum space $200. Experiment space now an extra $100. PTO decided it is worth the extra cost to have the experiment space. Total of $300 approved.

Other Business:

  • Fundraising
    • Discussed the possibility of having an earlier Spell-A-Thon.
    • Discussed different options for fundraising (selling merchandise, baked goods, etc.).
    • Too late this year to move up the date or change fundraiser. May consider next year. Work around fundraisers from other organizations and schools, also holidays and testing.
    • Will form a sub-committee for fundraising, who will meet before the next meeting. Anyone interested in joining can contact Amanda Pittman (apittman74@gmail.com).
  • Communication
    • There will be a PTO section in Pomona Newsletters.
    • Pomona PTO has an old Facebook page that is not kept up. Discussed reviving it but decided to just put PTO information on the Pomona Facebook page. Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Gabelson are in charge of this, so any announcements or information to be posted should go to them. Mrs. Gabelson also puts information on the school web site and events calendar.

Next Meeting September 27.

July 27, 2016
PTO Meeting Minutes
In Attendance: Mrs. Larsen, Amanda Pittman, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.


Ice Cream Social: Thursday, August 25, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

  • Brenda Burton will be in charge of this. Order ice cream from either Meadow Gold (used last year and got school district discount) or Graff Dairy (will new ownership work with us?).
  • Order 2 cookies & cream, 2 chocolate, 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla. 3 gallons each.
  • Also need spoons and Styrofoam bowls (order through school cafeteria?).
  • Pre-scoop ice cream beforehand.
  • Talk to custodian about getting tables out of the shed, extra trash bags.
  • Reminder stickers for kids.
  • Need help pre-scooping and also serving.

Muffins for Moms: Wednesday, September 21, 8:00 a.m.

  • Amanda Pittman will be in charge of this. Last year, ordered 400 prepackaged muffins from Albertson's for $100. No poppy seeds and NO NUTS.
  • Last year used 4 orange juices. Also need cups and napkins.
  • Send home flier in Thursday Folders on September 15.
  • Need help setting up tables and also serving.

Donuts for Dads: Tuesday, October 25, 8:00 a.m.

  • Assign out to PTO member at August meeting.
  • Same week as Book Fair so families can see merchandise but NO FOOD IN LIBRARY (need sign).
  • Separate nuts from no-nuts at separate tables with signs.
  • Home Style doubles order for free. Need 350 donuts (400 was too many last year). Can they put them in large rectangular boxes, even for a small fee? All crammed in regular boxes last year. This may make it easier for bakery to separate nuts from no-nuts, too.
  • Also need 8 orange juices, cups, and napkins.
  • Send home flier in Thursday Folders on October 20.
  • Need help setting up tables, serving, and possibly monitoring the library.

No activity for November. Eliminated Family Fun Night at Spin City.
Barnes and Noble Night: December 5. Not a PTO activity but great to support!

Science Night: Thursday, January 19, 6:00-8:00 p.m. at Math and Science Center.

  • Assign out to PTO member in October.
  • Amanda Pittman will contact the Math and Science Center now to schedule this date.
  • Will go with flat $200 fee rather than individual fee.
  • Send home flier in Thursday Folders on January 12.

Spell-A-Thon: February-March

  • PTO officers in charge of this.
  • Wednesday, February 15 - Present in classes and hand out packets to go home.
  • Wednesday, March 1 - Test Day. PTO takes tests home to grade that night.
  • Thursday, March 2 - Return graded tests so kids can collect pledges.
  • Thursday, March 9 - Pledge money due.
  • Know winners by PTO meeting on Tuesday, March 14.
  • Friday, March 17 - Awards Assembly.
  • Need fun THEME (possibly tie in with St. Patrick's Day since assembly will be on that day), lots of ADVERTISEMENT and HYPE! (Explain prizes, etc., including grand prize if we hit our $ goal - kiss a pig?)
  • Need help assembling packets, grading tests, counting money, preparing prizes, organizing assembly.

Clusters: April 28

  • Mrs. Osborne, Amanda McQuade, and Laurie Wilson are in charge.
  • Make sure this date works with all of them.

Staff Appreciation Week: May 1-3

  • Kara Hotard has volunteered to be in charge of this with Jessica Roethel assisting.
  • Lunch/Dinner catered for staff on Wednesday, May 3 (conferences day). Q'doba went over well last year.

Family Picnic: May 11, 5:00-7:00

  • Assign out to PTO members in February. Need 1 main person to be contact for Trudy.
  • Need more help this year (serving, etc.)

PTO MEETINGS FOR 2016-2017 (all dates are Tuesdays at 4:05 in the library)

August 23 January 24
September 27 February 28
October 18 March 14
November 15 April 25

Additional Business discussed:

  • PTO meetings should not be for planning activities, just assigning out responsibilities, checking up on plans, and tying up loose ends.
  • For volunteers to sign up, have sign-up sheets ready a couple months before activity. Also have flier discussing responsibilities that need to be carried out for each activity (Amanda Stacy will make these).
  • All PTO board members' names and contact info should be on the agenda each month.
  • School is increasing social media exposure. Mrs. Gabelson is in charge of this. Better advertisement and communication about activities, etc. All activity info should go to her so she can post it.

April 19, 2016
PTO Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Mrs. Fischer, Kara Hotard, Melissa Uselman, Brenda Burton, Amanda Pittman, Mrs. Greenlee, Jessica Roethel, Amanda Stacy, Mrs. Larsen.
Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.
March minutes approved.
Treasury report approved.
Grand Request: $275 for Bump & Jump rental at the family picnic for the incoming 5th graders' fundraiser. PTO budget only has $272 left and the 5th grade budget will plenty left over after this year's high ropes trip and bon voyage. Request denied.
Spell-A-Thon: Earned about $2,000 less than our goal. Not enough hype. Start planning now for next year. To get kids excited, we can display the prizes, make banners, come up with a theme, and advertise incentives.
Clusters: 4/22. Everything is ready. Mrs. Osborn and Amanda McQuade are both on board for next year but will need help. Discussed possibly asking Laurie Wilson.
Staff Appreciation: 4/25-4/27. We did not have a specific person in charge this year. Kara Hotard volunteered to be in charge of this next year and Jessica Roethel volunteered to help.

  • Q'doba dinner on Wednesday night during conferences. Will include gluten-free and vegetarian options, and drinks. Cost for food will be $400 (budgeted $1,000 for entire Appreciation Week).
  • Theme will be "You're A Star."
    • Monday - Gift from PTO for each staff member, including a movie gift card, popcorn bag, and candy. Brenda Burton will buy the stuff and Jessica Roethel will assemble the bags.
    • Tuesday - Fan Mail. Send a note home with kids in the previous week's Thursday Folder, explaining the plans for the week and also including a section at the bottom where they can write a note to a teacher or staff member and bring it in on Tuesday.
    • Wednesday - Curtain Call. Have the kids bring in flowers for a staff member.

Family Picnic: 5/10. PTO will serve. Be there 4:45.
Vote in Officers: All current officers were unanimously voted in to remain in their positions next year. Need to involve more parents, possibly by getting committees for different activities.
This was the final meeting for the 2015-2016 school year. Mrs. Larsen will meet with the officers on Wednesday, 7/27/2016, at 9:00 a.m. at Trackers to discuss the activities calendar and other business for next year.

January 26, 2015
PTO Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Amanda Stacy, Natalie Gehl, Brenda Burton, Mrs. Christensen, Mrs. Gabelson, Kara Hotard, Amanda Pittman, Mrs. McAtlin.
Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.
November Minutes approved.
Treasury: Report approved. Still waiting for the bill for Ms. Rankin's document camera.
Grant Request: Mrs. Younker and Mrs. Christensen request funding so they can have their projectors mounted to the ceiling. Not allowed to do it themselves. Right now their projectors are on carts or in places where they can't use them on their white boards/screens. Cost estimated to be $200-300 each. All voted Yes. Plenty of money in the Technology Fund.
Spin City (11/19): Fewer families this year but cost was a little higher than last year ($280 vs. $258) due to cost of tokens. Easy activity to put on. Fun for everyone who attends. Probably do it again next year. (Perhaps look into Glacier Ice Arena?)
Science Night (1/19): Exact same number of people as last year (154). Would have saved a little if we had gone with the per-person pricing but only by $20. A lot of fun for everyone. Science Center was very accommodating - lots of activities and demonstrations, got the animals out to be held, etc. Great for families and worth the money!

  • Wed. 2/17-Go around to classrooms to tell kids about Spell-A-Thon and get them excited!
  • Thurs. 2/18-Packets go home (word list, letter with instructions, donation sheet, envelope).
  • Wed. 3/2-Students take the spelling test in their classrooms. Tests are graded.
  • Thurs. 3/3-Graded tests go home so students can begin collecting pledges.
  • Thurs. 3/10-Packets and pledges due back.

Last year we raised around $7,500. Goal this year: $8,000? Discussed the possibility of maybe getting Mrs. Larsen to do something funny if we reach a certain goal. J
Volunteers needed for assembling packets and grading tests (some teachers like to grade the tests themselves). Will send out emails closer to time, asking for those volunteers.
Prizes: Everyone gets a Certificate of Participation (made by Mrs. Gabelson?) and a coupon for a free Frosty. (Brenda Burton will ask Wendy's for 400 coupons.)
All who get 100% get their names on a "100% Wall" in the cafeteria, and a coupon for the School Store (stock up the store first...PTO will help pay for this).
Student who raises the most in pledges as well as 1 random 100% primary and 1 random 100% secondary student get a big prize (gift cards to movie? Spin City? Bananas? Etc.) Amanda Stacy will try to get these donated. If not, PTO will buy them.
Class who earns the most gets a pizza party!
Next Meeting February 23.

November 27, 2015
PTO Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Amanda Stacy, Mrs. Fischer, Kara Hotard, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Greenlee, Melinda Uselman, Amanda Pittman, Brenda Burton, Mrs. Gabelson, Ms. Rankin.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

October Minutes approved.

Treasury: Report approved. We haven't seen the $2,000 statement from the District yet about Lucy Calkins. Mrs. Larsen says it will come; it's just a slow process. Alpine Bank has the right kind of account that we need so the money will be moved to Alpine and the previous account will be closed at the other bank.

Grant Request: Ms. Rankin requested a Document Camera. Hers is the only classroom without one. All voted Yes. Will order tomorrow and should receive it by the end of the week. Cost will be deducted from the Technology Fund.

Family Fun Night at Spin City: This Thursday 11/19. Reviewed door duty schedule. The $4 entry is for all family members who wish to skate, not just students. PTO will also cover the cost of $1 for 10 tokens for kids only, and hand them out to the kids as they come in and pay at the door. Get a roster from Rosanna (name and emergency contact) in order to check off names of those attending and verify they are Pomona students.

Family Science Night: Date should be changed from 1/12 because that is too soon after Christmas Break. Tuesday 1/19 is the day after school is out for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so that will be hard for advertisement and reminders. Amanda Pittman will ask the Math and Science Center about Thursday 1/21, 6-8 p.m. Choice between $5 per family or a $200 flat fee (entirely out of PTO budget; families do not pay). Voted for $200 flat fee because of good turnouts in previous years.

Little Entrepreneurs Fair: Discussed the possibility of holding an event where kids could bring items they made themselves and sell them. This will help them display their talents as well as reinforce what they are learning in math about earning and managing money. Discussion included the following points:

  • Kid-to-kid exchange of money is discouraged.
  • Maybe an Art Heritage Showcase where their talents are displayed but not sold.
  • Possibly make things to donate to be sold at the school store.
  • High probability of several kids trying to sell the same kind of item (i.e. rubber band bracelets), resulting in competition, hurt feelings, etc.
  • Would this be PTO sponsored or Art Heritage sponsored? Rent a table and keep any additional profits? Simply allow it to be held, no PTO connection?
  • Probably not something that would work well as its own separate event (small turnout).
  • Decided to consider letting kids set tables up the Family Picnic in the spring.
  • Amanda Stacy will talk to the mom who originally brought up the idea (not present at this meeting) and get her feedback on the idea of combining this with the Family Picnic.

October 27, 2015
PTO Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Natalie Gehl, Jessica Roethel, Mrs. Fischer, Mrs. Gabelson, Melinda Uselman, Mrs. Larsen, Kara Hotard, Brenda Burton, Mrs. Greenlee, Amanda Stacy.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

September minutes approved.

Treasury report approved. The $200 for the 1st grade grant will not come from the extra $500 in the Lucy Calkins grant. Will come out of the general fund. Donuts receipts have not been turned in yet. Book fair money has not been finalized yet. 5th grade has plenty of money in their account! We need to find a new bank for the PTO account because the current bank no longer offers the type of account we have been using.

Muffins for Moms went well. Slightly smaller turnout, possibly because of less advertising. Used 4 juices. Muffins were just the right size.
Donuts for Dads went well. Huge turnout. Good to have specific activity for dads. Bought too many donuts, though. Had at least 100 left over-divided up between teacher's lounge, fire station, and soup kitchen. Good variety. Nuts and nut-free were mixed together in several boxes. Some were strictly nut-free. Had a "nut" table and a "nut free" table. FOR NEXT YEAR: Buy 350 donuts instead of 400, and 8 juices instead of 7. Also, ask for long rectangular boxes for donuts, even if we have to pay for them (Mrs. Gabelson says they sell them for about $1.50 each). Donuts were all crammed into cardboard boxes and looked bad when taken out to put on trays. Still use Homestyle, though, because they give us a great deal and have good donuts. Paid $23 for juice. Donut receipts not yet turned in.

Family Fun Night at Spin City: Thursday, November 19, 5:00-8:00 p.m. Cost will be $4 per skater. PTO pays extra $2 per person. Includes skate rental and 10 tokens. Climbing gym not included. We need to make it clear that this is not a fundraiser. No drop-offs (parents must stay), and only Pomona families get the deal. Print off a roster and mark down who comes and how many in group, to ensure they are Pomona families. Non-Pomona skaters get in for $6. Flyer will go out closer to time, in Thursday Folders. Mrs. Gabelson will also put it on the school website.
Door Duty: 5:00 - Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Fischer

5:30 - Mrs. Gabelson
6:00 - Melinda Uselman
6:30 - Brenda Burton
7:00 - Kara Hotard
7:30 - Jessica? Natalie? Amanda P.?

Next Meeting November 17.

September 22, 2015
PTO Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Mrs. Gabelson, Mrs. Fischer, Natalie Gehl, Kara Hotard, Amanda Pittman, Melinda Uselman, Mrs. Larsen, Brenda Burton, Mrs. McAtlin, Amanda Stacy.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

August minutes approved. Only correction was that Natalie Gehl will be picking up the OJ and cups for Muffins for Moms, not Mrs. McAtlin.

Treasury report approved. Lucy Calkins materials are in, as are new playground balls. Lucy Calkins only used $2,000, not the $2,500 budgeted. Some invoices are still pending for different things.

Muffins for Moms 9/24: Muffins will be ready at 7:30 a.m., pre-packaged from Albertson's. Will see if they can be picked up the night before instead. Most tables are being used for the Book Fair but there should still be a couple in the hallway we can use. Set up at 7:30 a.m. Volunteers for that morning are Natalie Gehl, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy, and Natalie Gordon.

Donuts for Dads 10/22: No PTO meeting before this date. Last year, Home Style Bakery supplied donuts, giving us half for free. PTO paid $96. However, we do not get to choose flavors/types of donuts, and nuts may be an issue. Can we have them separate the ones with nuts in a different box? Should call Albertson's to compare, since they gave us such a good deal on muffins. Will also need 8 gallons of OJ. Volunteers to help that morning: Mrs. Gabelson, Mrs. McAtlin, Mrs. Fischer, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy, and Melinda Uselman. Amanda Stacy volunteered to pick up donuts that morning.

Family Fun Night at Spin City: Cost will be $6 per person, includes skate rental and free tokens. 5:00-8:00 p.m. Had planned on 11/10 but the rink is unavailable until 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday nights. Monday (rink's "family night") may be cheaper but also may be more crowded. Can they take a big group on Mondays? Some date options include Monday 11/2, Monday 11/16, or Thursday 11/19. Maybe a Wednesday? Try to find a date that does not clash with district calendar and fits around other school holidays, etc.

Addendum: Since this meeting, the date has been finalized as Thursday, 11/19. Mondays were not cheaper.

Science Night: Scheduled for 1/12 but this may be too soon after Christmas break. Also discussed Tuesday 1/19, Thursday 1/21, or Tuesday 1/26. Given the option of $5 per family or $200 total. Last year, we paid $260 (133 people attended) so the $200 total would be the better deal. Time will be 6:00-8:00 p.m., once a date is chosen.

Grant Request: Mrs. McAtlin, on behalf of grades K-2, requests $200 to purchase a membership on the WonderGroveLearn.com website, which teaches about the Habits of Mind. Membership includes 16 videos, books, homework ideas, rights to copy books, etc. They have been using a free sample and the kids love it. They can learn about all of the Habits of Mind throughout the year, not just the 2 they are assigned for their grade each year. All present voted Yes.

Next Meeting October 27.

August 25, 2015
PTO Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Mrs. Fischer, Natalie Gehl, Brenda Burton, Jessica Roethel, Natalie Gordon, Kara Hotard, Melinda Uselman, Mrs. Larsen, Amanda Pittman, Mrs. McAtlin, Amanda Stacy, Brittany Carter.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

May minutes approved.

Treasury report approved.

  • Lucy Calkins resource has been approved by District. Materials have been ordered and will begin being used as soon as they arrive.
  • New playground & P.E. equipment is being ordered. Cost was more than $500 but only $500 will be taken from PTO.
  • No budgets went "over" last year!

Ice cream social went well. Pre-scooping helped a lot. Turnout was down this year. Had 2 almost-full tubs of ice cream left that need to be used soon. Compared Meadow Gold with Graff pricing and Meadow Gold was actually slightly cheaper with the school discount we received.

  • Graff: $138.50 for three 5 gallon tubs + two 2 gallon tubs from Sam's.
  • Meadow Gold: $121 for seven 3 gallon tubs.

Discussed moving serving table to a cooler place (under shade trees) but decided the building provides enough shade and it is important to stay close to the kitchen entrance.

Muffins for Moms 9/24: Not enough juice last year since there was only juice and no coffee. We have received $25 from Sam's. Used some for ice cream spoons but the rest will be used toward juice. Some muffins were not popular, including apple and cream cheese. Popular flavors were chocolate chip, chocolate, and blueberry. No Nuts Allowed. Small muffins were too small. My Favorite Muffin was too expensive. Natalie Gehl volunteered to price-check 400 mini muffins from My Favorite Muffin vs. Sam's. Also discussed checking grocery store options and prices. Planning on around 150 people. Last year spent $244. Volunteers to help this year: Natalie Gehl, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy, Natalie Gordon. Need 2 tables to be ready for us in main hallway that morning. Also need small cups but will check closet before purchasing.

Donuts for Dads will be 10/22 and will be discussed at the next PTO meeting.

Upcoming events

  • Family Fun Night: Skating went well last year and everyone enjoyed it. Good price. Some confusion that families thought it was a fundraiser. Make sure parents don't drop kids off and leave.
  • Science Night: Always a good turnout and lots of fun.
  • Spell-a-Thon: Earning almost as much as Liberty fundraising brought in, without having to sell anything or pay a company. Good that it encourages kids to work harder academically and they are learning in the process. All words that are on each grade's list anyway. If teachers don't like it, we are open to other options. Otherwise, as long as the numbers continue to increase, we will keep it. Will do this before spring break because standardized testing begins after spring break.
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